Our Story

Damnnn Girl was born after two millennial women graduated college and jumped straight into the “real” world. One packed her bags and moved to France in search of something new. Another spontaneously packed her bags and moved to Houston, Texas to pursue her dreams of becoming the ultimate PR girl.

Both women found themselves unhappy and lost and quickly falling on their faces. The two women were watching and admiring other women seemingly who were doing the damn thing, wondering how they could reach this level of fulfillment and happiness themselves. They decided to start surrounding themselves with these women: learning from their mistakes, taking their advice, and watching how strong they are in the face of adversity. Both women decided they couldn’t be the only women at this awkward transition of finding themselves and thus the idea of creating a space for like-minded women was born.

The women of Damnnn Girl are every woman and everyone who visits Damnnn Girl’s website is invited to share her story in hopes that it may help someone transitioning, taking leaps of faith, or on the cusp of falling on their faces find their way maintaining a sense of self, chicness, and making others mutter Damnnn Girl.