Roni Marsh

PR Maven by day, wine connoisseur by night, and full time hustler, Roni is passionate about making her goals into reality. She has always had a passion for helping others and always dreamt of becoming her own boss one day. Before graduating college she lived in Tampa, Miami, and Atlanta. Once graduating she lived in Houston and now is residing in Washington, D.C. Throughout her time practicing public relations she has conquered almost all facets of the field including fashion, music, nonprofit, and currently local government. One of the reasons she started this brand with her good friend Bradlei was because she grew tired of seeing her peers get recognized for the amazing things that they are doing and not having an outlet. She wanted share her personal story and listen to other women share their own. Roni has a passion for encouraging women to become the best version of themselves and she is determined to make Damnnn Girl the best outlet for all women.