Last Minute Gift Guide For Him

Valentine's Day is here, and it can be easy to forget to go out and get something special for your honey. Don't worry we have you covered, no need to rack your brain searching for the perfect gift. We have listed several things every guy will always need. 


We love a good smelling man with a nice collection of cologne. Nothing says I can't wait to taste you like a new cologne you've specifically picked out for your boo. Our ultimate favorite is Bond No. 9 anything, it can be pricey but your man will feel very appreciated.

Our splurge pick is The Scent of Peace for Him

Our classic pick is Bleu de Chanel

Our pocket-friendly pick is Kenneth Cole Black Bold



We believe in purchasing useful gifts for our guy, so in the event that he's just started a new job, looking for a corporate gig, or just needs a better looking briefcase you can't go wrong! We love the look of a nice leather briefcase not only is it sturdy but its so classic and sexy paired with the right suit and cologne.

Our splurge pick is Tumi's Astor Dorilton Slim Flap Briefcase

Our classic pick is Samsonite's Leather Flapover Briefcase

Our pocket friendly-pick is Samsonite's Leather Slim Portfolio Laptop Briefcase



How many guys do you know that are using the same wallet from their freshman year in college or older? We know quite a few, why not spruce your man up a little with a new wallet, card holder, or money clip. Not only is it thoughtful but it's something your man will love carrying especially if it matches his style and flare. 

Our splurge pick is Tumi Mason Slim Card Case ID

Our classic pick is Original Penguin's Simple Edge Wallet

Our pocket friendly-pick is Zara Classic Wallet


Cuff Links

We are at the age where certain items are necessary in our closets such as a little black dress, a skirt suit, black pumps etc. For men, they should always have a nice pair of cuff links for any occasion. If your man hasn't gotten himself a pair, consider purchasing them for Valentine's Day. Our picks are monogrammed cuff links, classic, sexy, and personalized. But a nice silver or black pair will certain do his wardrobe justice. 

Our splurge pick is David Yurman 'Streamline' Cuff links

Our classic pick is Sterling Silver Square Men's Cuff links

Our pocket friendly-pick is Cathy's Concepts Monogram Oval Cuff Links



Anyone else notice how men just don't buy underwear? Maybe that's a generalization, but it seems like they re-up once or twice a year; Christmas when their mother's stuff their stockings, and Valentine's Day when their boo's bestow them with crisp and hole-less underwear. Why not make this Valentine's Day special and make sure your boo has a nice set of boxer briefs to make it through until Christmas. ha! 

Our splurge pick is Calvin Klein Underwear

Our classic pick is Polo Ralph Lauren 3-Pack Boxer Briefs

Our pocket friendly-pick is Hanes Ultimate Boxer Briefs - 5 Pack

What are some of your favorite gifts for bae? Tell us in the comments below!