Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget

Have there been times where you have contemplated not filling up your tank or buying a textbook for classes but you saw these cute $500 boots that you just MUST have? We have all been there. Especially during these weird millennial years where we haven't reached our full "ballin" potential yet. Luckily, there are a bunch of stores out there that sell knockoffs or cute items that are stylish and affordable that AREN'T Forever 21. No shade to Forever 21, it was the store that molded us all but it is time to spread our wings to different stores. And it is okay to still shop at Forever 21 they are still one of the best stores for affordable clothing. 

To get those same cute clothes for less, you have to know where to shop. Here is a list of some of the best places to shop both online and brick and mortar stores:



If you are looking for great knockoff shoes and fun sunglasses and purses this is one of the best places to start looking. Their shoes go as low as $25. 


Like GoJane, this is a great place for stylish heels and boots, they have also started selling clothes too! Their prices start as low as $25. Another great thing about Lola is they base some of their styles off of what our faves have worn on the red carpet. Great places to get their look for less. 


This is site is one of our favorites, even though it is not as inexpensive like the first two that we mentioned this site still offers a wide range of shoes and even some designer shoes that are much less than they would be at the department store. There is always a sale going on so we suggest that you head over there to add some great new shoes to your collection. 

Clothes & Shoes: 

  1.  Nasty Gal:
200 (3).gif

Nasty Gal is our favorite because we have watched this site and it's create Sophia Amoruso grow enormously. This site is definitely the go-to for all Girl Bosses. We recommend checking out their new looks. 

  1.  Lulus:

Lulu's is known for their collection of party and occasion dresses that are usually priced for way less than they would be at a department store. We recommend Lulus if you have a party or something great coming up that you need to get stunning for. 

  1.  Missguided:

Missguided is another go-to for both party clothing and professional clothing. Their pricing is relatively inexpensive but the clothes don't ever look cheap. 

  1.  ASOS:

ASOS is our absolute fave. This site has more than just clothing and shoes but they offer accessories as well for all shapes and sizes. This site has been at the top of our favorite online shop. 

Bonus! Makeup: 

  1. Rue La La 
  2. Hautelook
  3. Beauty Encounter
  4. Buy Me Beauty