Survival Tips for The Job Search

How many times have you opened that email from a recruiter or HR person and the first sentence started with "After careful consideration" or "while we loved your application we decided"? After the 50th email you start to question your whole life, am I really that trash? Do I really suck? You eventually feel the exact emotion Will Smith felt when he figured out his father didn't want him on the Fresh Prince. 

Don't fret. After going through that tumultuous experience more than a few times myself I have found different things to do to cope in the meantime. Before we get into those hacks always remember you are good enough and those people that didn't want you lost out not you. 

1. Acquire a new skill

When I was searching for jobs I got so tired of hearing that I wasn't qualified or that I should have a particular set of skills to perform the job well. So I decided to take a proactive approach and take a few courses online to keep my current skills sharp and to acquire a few new ones along the way. There are a few websites that offer free courses or some with little cost I suggest checking a few of those out: Coursera, EdX, Hubspot, Udemy, and Alison. These are just a few to check out there are many more that will teach you just about any skill that you may need. 

2. Give Your Resume a Refresh

In 2017 resumes are no longer the traditional word format with just your information anymore. Recruiters want to see your creative side in your resume now, even word has updated it's resume formats to stay ahead of the curve. Check out these 2017 resume examples to get an idea for your resume refresh: Forbes, The Muse, and Work it Daily

3. Start a side gig

If you are a fellow creative or just someone with plain ol smarts you too can get a side gig to bring extra cash while you are on the hunt for full time jobs. Some people may look down on Uber drivers or weekend servers but those people on average bring in an extra $500 bucks every week or so. Jobs like these offer flexibility so you will still have time to interview and beef up your resume. For the creatives there are thousands of freelance sites that you can sign up for free and get matched with people that need assistance with their projects. 

4. Read Self-help books

Personally, I LOVE self help books. They get you all inspired and motivated to take over the damn world and they often give you a real world view while doing it. There are so many self-help books geared specifically towards millennials because clearly we need help figuring this life thing out. A few that I highly recommend are You're a Badass, Who Moved My Cheese and Rich Dad Poor Dad. These books brought me through some really tough times and I believe they can help others too. 

5. Create a Routine for Yourself 

For that time that you are searching for jobs, make a routine for yourself. When I wasn't working I would still set my alarm to wake up at 7:30 a.m. to stalk recruiters, search for jobs and apply for them. Most people check their emails in the morning so its always good to be at the top of the stack. Also creating a routine for yourself helps you in the future for when you do get that job waking up early isn't much of a shock. 

6. Breathe. 

Lastly, breathe. Relax. You will get the job. Keep searching. You got this.